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Founded in 1982, Cigna Global is now one of the largest providers of international health insurance in the world. It has over 86 million customers in more than 30 jurisdictions and countries. Cigna Global's mission is to provide top of the line yet affordable health plans that are tailor fit for every expatriate's need.


CIGNA Global boasts over 37,000 employees that combine years of expertise with a deep level of compassion to customers. Their aim is to help every individual prevent sickness, stay well and have access to quality health care.

Whichever country you are in the world, CIGNA global promises on delivering:


-Round the clock team customer service from a team of health experts

-Easy access to over 89,000 behavioural health care professionals and 11,400 facilities/clinics around the world

-Fast reimbursement of claims within five working days upon complete submission of documents

-Payment in over 135 currencies

CIGNA Global International Health Insurance plans are designed for individuals and families who are living or working abroad. Aside from the comprehensive standard coverage, you also have the option to choose various types of additional modules for a highly reliable personalised plan. Above all, CIGNA Global is focused on helping you to achieve a worry-free life with the security that superior quality of health care and relevant financial programmes are just within reach. 

International Medical Insurance

Though considered as the most basic plan, Cigna's International Medical Insurance plan runs no short when it comes to providing essential cover such as accommodation and nursing for inpatient/day patient recovery and treatment room. It also includes intensive care and cover for cancer and mental health care.

International Medical Insurance Plus

An optional benefit to enhance the core cover International Medical Insurance, the International Medical Insurance Plus plan offers and additional annual benefit of £50,000/€61,000/$78,000 for any outstanding costs not covered in the basic plan.

International Medical Evacuation

The International Medical Evacuation is an add-on that gives peace of mind that if a treatment is unavailable locally in an emergency situation, the patient will have coverage for the costs of repatriation as well as transportation. It allows the policyholder to return to his/her home country to be treated in a familiar environment. If the expatriate has not been repatriated or evacuated, the International Medical Evacuation also covers ‘compassionate visits’ for spouse, partner, siblings, child and parents. 

International Health and Wellbeing

Aside from having access to online health risk assessment and education, the International Health and Wellbeing also provides examinations, tests, screenings and counselling for a broad range of life crises. With this add-on, an expatriate will have full support for taking control and managing his/her health by getting advice from trusted health professionals. 

International Vision and Dental

The International Vision and Dental can be added on top of any of three core International Medical Insurance plans. It provides the beneficiary with a wide selection of routine, preventative and major dental treatments. 

International Outpatient

The International Outpatient add-on is the extensive version of the standard outpatient coverage. It provides a comprehensive assistance of outpatient care for medical emergencies if day patient or inpatient admission is not necessary. Aside from those the International outpatient also includes consultation with physicians or specialists, pre-natal and post natal outpatient care as well as outpatient prescription drugs and dressings. 

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