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AXA PPP healthcare is one of the largest medical insurance providers in the UK and draws on over 40 years' experience in international health insurance to offer flexible and affordable cover for you and your family:

- Choice of 3 levels of coverage and 5 excess amounts

- Evacuation or repatriation service included on all levels of cover

- Large direct settlement network

With a history 70 years long and more than 40 serving internationally, AXA has become one of the world’s largest health insurance providers, both for expats and those living in their home countries. However, with AXA’s dedication to providing plans and services unique to each country, they have shown themselves to be a high quality company which puts the customers’ needs first. More than two million customers currently trust AXA as their health insurance provider.

AXA provides two general areas of coverage: Worldwide and Worldwide minus USA. As one might expect, the Worldwide policy which includes the USA is more expensive, but necessary for anyone planning to live in the US for any significant period of time. However, one benefit of the AXA plans is that you are never out of your coverage area for emergencies. Even if you have no coverage in the US, in cases of emergency AXA will still handle billing. Depending on your country you may have an additional option to cover your region exclusively for even less, you can speak to a representative to answer those questions.


The basic core coverage offered on AXA plans is above and beyond what one might find with other companies, including both annual maximums and coverage options greater than the core coverage with other providers.

With the basic core policy, any AXA customer will have many basics covered, including:


    •   All hospital charges required for in-patient treatment

    •   Surgeon and physician consultation fees, including diagnostic tests

    •   Surgery

    •   Cancer treatment (including out-patient)

    •   Imaging scans including MRI, CT and PET

    •   Personal Medical Case Management

    •   24-hour call services

    •   And much much more


There are three basic AXA plans a customer may choose from, including Standard, Comprehensive, and Prestige; each with their own benefits.

Although the Standard, Comprehensive and Prestige plans are AXA’s most widely used and accepted policies, expats also have the opportunity to connect with their local representatives to see what is offered specifically in their country. For any health insurance needs not mentioned it only takes speaking to a representative to discuss other options.


The basic AXA plan and the least expensive, this is perfect for anyone on a budget. However, with £750,000/€950,000/$1,200,000 of yearly coverage, it is also far above the average basic plan and more than the recommended minimum for expats.

Some benefits of the Standard plan include:

• Optional travel insurance
• Evacuation and Repatriation Services
• Up to 50% of dental care costs
• And more!


AXA’s Comprehensive is the most popular expat plan, and for a reason: with £1,000,000/€1,275,000/$1,600,000 in yearly cover this is more than enough for any expat’s medical needs. In addition to the in-patient services offered through the Standard plan, the Comprehensive plan also offers out-patient and day-patient care suitable for anyone.

Among the benefits, you will receive:

• Out-patient dressings and medications
• General practitioner consultation charges
• Vaccinations
• Specified chronic conditions
• Optical cover
• Out-patient psychiatric treatment


Prestige is AXA’s top of the line medical policy which strives to cover all areas of an expat’s health not covered in the Standard or Comprehensive policies. The annual limit is also the highest at £1,250,000/€1,600,000/$2,000,000. Some of the benefits included in this plan are:

• Adult health screens

• Disability compensation cover

• Annual travel insurance

• Pregnancy and childbirth cover

• Private ambulance

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