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Aetna's 55 years of expertise in international health insurance makes it one of the most trusted names in the field. Over 650,000 of its members benefit from 24 by seven global member support, access to regional offices and high-tech direct claims system that make Aetna plans hassle-free to use.

Whether you are from the Americas or a citizen of another country who seeks to international health coverage, Aetna has a variety of plans that'll fit your unique needs and lifestyle.

Aetna has a pool of expert representatives that are dedicated to helping you to find the most suitable plan based on your location, state of health and age. With additional plans set up for the “pre-retiree” (those who have retired early) and other choices, you will never run short of coverage with Aetna.The coverage options you will receive through Aetna will depend on whether of not you will require healthcare in the US. For those who will not be travelling to or live within the States, there are a variety of options.

Pioneer 1750

The Aetna Pioneer 1750 has an overall annual benefit of USD 1,750,000. Though it is the most basic plan, it still has the standard full coverage for inpatient treatments as well as emergency medical evacuation and repatriation. The Aetna Pioneer 1750 also provides emergency inpatient and day care treatment of up to USD 5,000 even if you are outside the covered area. Some of the other benefits are:

Pioneer 2500

Aside from the standard coverage of emergency medical evacuation and inpatient treatment, the Aetna Pioneer 2500 also has terminal care along with chronic condition/disease management. Its overall plan limit is USD 2,500,000 whereas customers will benefit from several features including up to USD 500 of emergency outpatient treatment outside the covered area. 

Pioneer 4000

Very similar to the Foundation Plan, the Lifestyle plan is the best option for those with pre-existing conditions. The annual maximum benefit is the same, though there is additional coverage for chronic conditions, including check-ups, medications, accommodation and more up to Up to £9,375 or €/$15,000 annually.

Pioneer 5000 and 5000+

The Aetna Pioneer 5000 and 5000+ has the same overall limit of USD 5,000,000. They also included the standard cover for inpatient treatment and emergency medical evacuation, cancer care, terminal care and plus the ‘compassionate visits by family members’. One of the distinct features that take the Aetna 5,000+ one notch higher than the plan 5000 is its coverage for newborn congenital abnormalities. It also has emergency inpatient and outpatient treatment that are both covered with Area 1 (Africa, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka). 

Mobile Healthcare Plan Classic

The MHP Classic is designed to meet the healthcare needs of the citizens of the Americas that are living in all corners of the world. It has an annual maximum of USD 2,000,000 and includes an impressive list of features such as emergency medical evacuation, 24/7/365 global member support, damage and essential wellness or preventive care. 

Mobile Healthcare Plan Exclusive

Same with the MHP Classic, the MHP exclusive also has an annual maximum of USD 2,000,000 that includes all the features and benefits of MHP Classic. 

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