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Health Insurance for At-Risk Expats

In the past, at-risk expats had always been part of the minority that doesn’t secure health insurance for themselves. These are mainly due to many rules and regulations set by insurance providers regarding their conditions, their profession or their lifestyles. However, like everything else, things come to change, and it is the same for insurance policies. Take maternity insurance for example. In the past, you need to acquire one for yourself so you will be insured whole throughout your pregnancy. Now, as long as you pick an insurance coverage, your maternity insurance is already packed with it.
Nowadays, the change even reached not just to expat moms but also to many at-risk expats out there who didn’t think too much about insurance policies. If, in the past, they can only pass their lives without being insured appropriately, now that things have changed, they can get more security for themselves. Those who were denied to have health insurance plans by private companies can now enjoy the same insurance privileges as those who are not at-risk individuals. The change is now called the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan or PCIP.
Who can avail of PCIP?
• No insurance coverage for the last six months
• At-risks individuals: Those with pre-existing conditions or who had been denied health care coverage because of the condition.
• US Citizens or Legal Resident.
Like everything, there are still rules that apply, and this is the same for the PCIP. As long as you are qualified to the above mention, you can avail of the insurance that is made especially for at-risks expats.
What are the must-knows of the program?
• Extensive Health Care coverage. It is just like every policy that’s accessible for healthy individuals. You can get the health benefits that you deserve, including the primary, specialty, and even hospital care! Prescription drugs are also available for at-risk patients.
• Does not include charging of Higher Premium for a pre-existing condition. Just because you are suffering from a health care problem does not mean you have to pay more. The PCIP is a program that prohibits such a thing to occur to its insured citizens.
• Insurance is not basing the rate on income. Unlike other insurance, you don’t have to bother about paying insurances according to your salary calculation. As long as you are qualified to the criteria given above, you are guaranteed to get the insurance policy that you deserve according to Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan.
Why is there such an insurance policy now?
In The US, you may have known about High-Risk Pools. The Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan comes after it; however it does not necessarily reflect the pools. Each state may have PCIP but how they implement it may differ. For example, some states may create their insurance program; others may add more benefits to the existing one. Funds for the insurance policy are allocated based on factors like the number of non-elderly population, un-insurance rate, and geography.
What are my rights and how am I protected?
• You can access the Marketplace if you wish to get other types of insurances for your family and self. No one will hinder you to do such a thing, especially if you are under a grandfathered plan and you wish to have your personal coverage for your pre-existing condition. The marketplace is a good place to get yourself insured now even if you are at-risk.
• Insurance companies cover at-risk individuals. If, in the past, insurers ask you to pay higher premiums for you insurance; nowadays, you can be insured while paying the same rate as the others. Thanks to the newest policies, you can get by yourself easier.
• You need understanding of your insurance. It is now necessary that you know your insurance policy very well that is why, the newest regulations include your insurance providers ensuring that their clients understood the coverage.
• You don’t need to be afraid of rate increases by insurance companies.
• Insurers can’t cancel your insurance policy when you are sick. Now, even if you have a pre-existing condition, you are qualified to avail of insurance coverage. They can’t do anything else other than to guide you through the process.
• Get to pick the Physician of your choice. Having a specialist at your side as your doctor doesn’t conflict anymore with insurance policies.
• Coverage for individuals under 26.
Insurance policies are quite complicated if you think about it. However, when you equip yourself with the right understanding regarding it, things are easier. Now that even at-risk expats have an equal right to avail of insurance policies, they have the privileges that they were not getting in the past. That’s what good with changes, especially if the thing turned to something useful, beneficial and positive. If you are an At-Risk Expats, you should avail now of the PCIP and other insurances at this link!
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