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General Information

Cypriots welcomed 2.1 million foreign visitors in 2010, with 50% of total arrivals coming from Great Britain. This former British colony has become a traditional tourism destination for the northern Europeans. With a huge percentage of visitors from countries with fierce winters, the summer months mark the peak season for tourism. Cyprus ranks 24th in the world for overall competitiveness and 1st for Tourism Infrastructure in a 2011 World Economic Forum survey. The Akamas Natural Park, Aiya Napa Waterworld Themed Waterpark and the traditional village in Troodos Mountains are top tourism destinations. The exposure of this high-income economy was especially evident during the global financial crisis which badly hit the Eurozone, thus causing a slowdown in the tourism industry.

Insurance Information

Cyprus is a notch higher than the highly-industrialized Germany in the World Health Organization ranking of health care systems. Sitting at the 24th place, the health care and preventive medicine in Cyprus are top priorities of the government. Thanks to the high-quality health care system, citizens of Middle Eastern countries and the rest of the European Union flock in for cost-effective medical services. Although both native and foreign residents fund the universal health care system, only Cypriots are extended full public health services. Holders of the European Health Card are eligible for free essential treatments in public and private clinics and hospitals, except in northern Cyprus, while other foreign visitors may acquire private health insurance.

Travelling to Cyprus

It is strongly recommended that all foreign visitors acquire comprehensive health insurance before departing. A visit to a physician 4 – 8 weeks from travelling is of great importance as well as getting immunized against rabies in case certain activities may entail contact with rodents and bats. While the main cities in Cyprus provide adequate medical services, northern Cyprus is less well resourced. Taking normal precaution in performing outdoor activities is advised.

Recommended Relevant Insurers

  • AXA PPP healthcare is one of the largest medical insurance providers in the UK and draws on over 40 years' experience in international health insurance to offer flexible and affordable cover for you and your family:

    - Choice of 3 levels of coverage and 5 excess amounts

    - Evacuation or repatriation service included on all levels of cover

    - Large direct settlement network

  • Bupa Global is one of the world’s largest international health insurers, with access to over 1.2m medical providers across 190 countries. Standard features include:

    -          Access to a 24/7, multi-lingual, in-house global assistance team

    -          Reassurance of a second medical opinion and cover for cancer treatment

    -          Consultation with a specialist without the need to see a family doctor first

    -          Direct access to some of the world’s best medical facilities and professionals

  • Founded in 1982, Cigna Global is now one of the largest providers of international health insurance in the world. It has over 86 million customers in more than 30 jurisdictions and countries. Cigna Global's mission is to provide top of the line yet affordable health plans that are tailor fit for every expatriate's need.


    CIGNA Global boasts over 37,000 employees that combine years of expertise with a deep level of compassion to customers. Their aim is to help every individual prevent sickness, stay well and have access to quality health care.

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